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Oster Family Party at the Akron Hilton West -- Summer, 1984 -- First Row Kneeling Left to Right:  Samuel Lapides, Mark Lapides, Julie Schlossberg Cohen, Jill Friedman Helfman, Kathy Schlossberg Pazol -- Second Row Kneeling or Sitting Left to Right:  Dorothy Rudick, Richard Oster with son Michael Max Oster wearing 'Newest Oster T-Shirt, Debbie Schlossberg Coulson -- Middle Group Standing Between Second and Third Row Left to Right, All of Blessed Memory (OBM):  Front-Millie Oster (wife of Sid Oster),  Ruth Friedman, Mollie Oster.  Standing behnd Millie, Ruth and  Mollie:  Millie Oster (wife of Ben), Sid Oster, Guest Theresa Rouse (OBM)-- Back Rows Left to Right:  Irv Rudick, Nancy Oster, Alan 'Mal' Mallinger, Lauren Mallinger, Marilyn Lapides, Norma Goldston (OBM), Jay Goldston, Dorothy Gluck,  Norman Zinner (OBM), Lee Zinner, Ruth Goldblat (OBM), David Friedman, Bruce Friedman, Jill Friedman, Ben Oster (OBM), Leonard Abes, Guest Phil rouse (OBM), Gert Gluck (OBM), Steve Scheinberg, Gladys Abes, Stan Fox, Bernie Gluck (OBM), Lori Gluck Scheinberg (partially obscured), Phyllis Lochshin, Gail Schlossberg, Mort Goldblatt (OBM), Al Schlossberg, Joan Fox.
Oster Family Picnic at the Canton Jewish Community Center -- Summer, 1982 -- Front Row Standing Left to Right:  Jerry Lochshin (OBM), Morris Grunwald (OBM), Elaina Grunwald, Mollie Oster (OBM), Nancy Oster, Marilyn Lapides, Ben Oster (OBM), Michael Lapides, Jill Friedman, Dorothy Gluck, Millie Oster (OBM), Norman Zinner (OBM), Lee Zinner (holding Zinner grandaughter) , David Friedman, Amy Friedman, Gail Schlossberg, Julie Schlossberg Cohen, Debbie Schlossberg Coulson, Ruth Friedman (OBM) -- Rear Row Left to Right:  Sid Gluck (OBM), Richard Norman Oster wearing funny pants, Al Schlossberg, Phyllis Lochshin, Mark Lapides, Sam Lapides, Jim Rudick, Lori Gluck Scheinberg, Linda Zinner, Zinner Child, Jeff Zinner, Unknown person obscured by unknown child, unknown woman,  Dorothy Rudick, Daniel Lapides, Irv Rudick, Leslie Rudick Newman, Larry Newman
Oster Family Passover Seder 1999 -  Chautauqua, New York

The 1999 Oster Family Passover Seder was held in April at Bellinger Hall, Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York.  Joan Fox, who was the Chautauqua Institution Public Relations Director, made the special arrangements and everyone pitched in to create the Seder dinner.  Michael Lapides, Cathy Baer and Daniel Baer collaborated to write a special Oster Family Hagaddah dedicated to the memory of Sid Gluck.  Everyone participated in leading the Seder including special guests from Chautauqua invited by Cousin Joan.

Front Row left to right:  Sam Lapides, Stacy Friedman, Aaron Friedman, Lindsey Helfman, Jill Helfman, Andrew Friedman, Ryan Friedman, Andrew Mallinger, Ben Lochshin, Andrea Baer, Eric Mallinger, Amy Mallinger, Julie Goldston, Jason Goldston, Daniel Baer, Zara Lochshin

Middle Row left to right:  Norma Goldston, Dorothy Gluck, Leonard Abes, Dorothy Rudick, Jeff Goldblatt, Cathy Baer, Lori Oster, Irv Rudick, Millie Oster, Gladys Abes, Ruth Goldblatt

Back Row left to right:  Danny Goldston, Daniella Goldston, Karen Goldston, Joan Fox, Andrea Boardman, Marilyn Lapides, Chris Boardman, Linda Zinner, Alan ‘Mal’ Mallinger, Cory Zinner, Lauren Mallinger, Joy Zinner, Mickey, Gail Schlossberg, Al Schlossberg, Beth Lochshin, Jeff Zinner, David Friedman, Judy Friedman, Bruce Friedman, Amy Friedman, Jay Goldston, Brad Helfman
25th Anniversary of the Oster Family Club circa 1960
Iacommini's Restaurant, Akron, Ohio

Front Row, left to right:  Bill Oster, Ethel Oster, Millie Oster, Frieda Gluck, Fannie Zinner, Ruth Friedman, Phil Friedman, Mollie Oster, Max Oster, Millie Oster, Sid Oster
Back Row:  Jay Goldston, Norma Goldston, Ben Oster, Leonard Abes, Gladys Abes, Gert Gluck, Bernie Gluck, Irv Rudick, Dorothy Rudick, Al Schlossberg, Gail Schlossberg, David Friedman, Judy Friedman, Jerry Lockshin, Phyllis Lockshin, Dorothy Gluck, Sid Gluck, Ruth Goldblatt, Art Gluck
Celebrating Leonard's 90th Birthday

Cousins gathered at the Butler Country Club in Butler, Pennsylvania to celebrate the 90th birthday of cousin Leonard Abes on December 20, 2009.  His 90th birthday cake carried the legend 'Zie Gesunhdt,' one of Leonard's favorite Yiddish expressions.  

Gathered left to right:  Nancy Oster, Al Schlossberg, Dick Oster, Marilyn Lapides, Alan 'Mal' Mallinger, Irv Rudick, Dorothy Rudick, Eric Mallinger, Amy Mallinger, Birthday Boy Leonard Abes, Andrew Mallinger, Lauren Mallinger, Paula Rubin, Mort Rubin, Gail Schlossberg, Michael Lapides, Judy Friedman and David Friedman.